Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want my mailman, neighbors, etc to know what is in my package. Do you guarantee a discreet purchase?

Absolutely! All of our items are wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and then put into a plain yellow padded envelope or a cardboard box for larger orders and more fragile items (i.e. big box VHS tapes). There are no markings, logos or writing on the packages. They are completely plain. Each package has a professionally printed shipping label and our return address is AFS Inc. Nobody will know what you have purchased except for you! Also when our transaction shows up on your credit card statement or bank charges it will say AFS Inc. We want our customers to feel completely safe knowing that discretion is our goal.

I see that you have photos of each item on your site. Are the items pictured what I will receive?

Yes! We take photos of each item prior to listing them and never use stock photos of any kind. This helps alleviate any confusion and shows you exactly what you will receive. If we have multiples of a particular title in stock they are either a.) new and all of them are identical OR b.) we have multiples of a used item and we have taken a photo of whichever of them is in the worst condition so that you can see what you will receive will be in that condition or better.

Will you ship to my city, state, region or country?

The short answer is yes! The longer answer is more complicated. It is YOUR responsibility to know the legality of hardcore adult material in your area. It is impossible for us to know the laws in every state, city, region, country and municipality. If an item sent by us is confiscated by your local postal service or customs agent due to obscenity laws, we will not issue a refund or replacement for that item. It is gone. Be sure you research the rules of adult material in your area of the world before ordering.

Are the items you sell guaranteed?

Absolutely 100%. Everything we sell is guaranteed to work with no playback issues. Please keep in mind that VHS tapes will be VHS quality. The quality of these films will not have the same resolution as a DVD due to limitations of the format. We guarantee that they will play with no playback errors. In the event of a defective item we will be happy to work with the buyer to resolve the issue. Customer service is always our number 1 priority!

What is your return policy?

On new and sealed items we will take a return on them as long as the item has not been opened. New titles are not returnable if they have been opened and viewed. If a new item is returned because the buyer changed their mind we charge a 20% restocking fee. On previously viewed titles we do not offer returns at all, unless the item is defective.

I'm unhappy with the content of the VHS/DVD I ordered, can I return it?

This does not come up often, but it has happened. If you are unhappy with the content of a title you have purchased from us (i.e. "this was supposed to be a film with hairy performers and they were not hairy enough for me") we will not take a return on that item. We do not produce these films and in most cases they are sealed and we have not viewed them personally. So we cannot guarantee satisfaction with the content. We do purchase previously viewed titles from customers however. If you would like to sell back a title you've purchased from us, we do buy used films.

I noticed that in your description of used DVDs it says there are no flaws, a few flaws, or a lot of flaws to the underside of the disc...What does that mean?

Different people call marks that come from normal use of a disc different things. Some call them scuffs, some call them scratches, some call them marks, etc. To avoid any confusion we just call them flaws. The "underside" of the disc is the bottom side of the disc. The side that the laser reads during playback. We do our best to describe our used titles to the best of our ability so you know exactly what you are getting. Discs described with "a lot of flaws" are tested prior to being listed to ensure proper playback of the film.

I have a collection of adult films I'm looking to sell OR I'm looking to get rid of films in my personal collection. Do you buy used films?

Yes! We sell used titles and often buy features from our customers looking to sell some of their collection. We also get contacted by people who have come across whole collections that belonged to a loved one and they want to get rid of them. Just contact us and we can arrange for you to email us photos of your titles for sale and get a description of the condition. After that we will make an offer to you based on the titles/described condition. After we have received the item(s) you're looking to sell, we will inspect them and issue you a payment via PayPal to complete the transaction.

Have a question that's not listed here? Contact us via our contact page! We are always happy to help!


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